The Mississippi Supreme Court issued a recent order clarifying that the courts in Mississippi are open, but that individual judges need to manage their own dockets to protect the community and Court personnel. Also, judges are to postpone all jury trials until at least May 18th.While the courts are changing how they handle cases, at Haug Farrar & Franco we know that life goes on. We have implemented safety precautions, but due to the strength of our team and our technology, we are able to continue to serve our clients and are taking new cases at this time. If you have been injured, or have any legal issues or have questions about your rights, please visit our website or give us a call so that we can go to work for you and help ease your burden in these difficult times. Please stay safe, listen to all instructions from authorities, and join us as we thank our first responders and health care professionals who are working so hard to keep the rest of us safe.