Types of Car Accidents in Gulfport

What Are the Most Frequent Types of Car Accidents?

Here are some of the most common types that our lawyers have seen in Gulfport:

Rear-End Accidents

These accidents happen when one vehicle’s front end strikes the back of another vehicle in front of it. They often result from sudden deceleration by the front driver or when the rear driver follows too closely (also known as tailgating).

Head-On Collisions

This type of wreck occurs when the front ends of two vehicles moving in opposite directions collide. They are highly dangerous and often result in severe injuries or fatalities upon impact.

Sideswipe Accidents

These happen when the sides of two adjacent cars scrape against each other or collide. Such crashes occue when a car drifts from its lane or when one driver tries to change lanes without noticing another vehicle in the neighboring lane.

T-Bone Collisions

Also known as side-impact collisions, T-bone accidents happen when the front end of one vehicle hits the side of another, forming a T-shaped wreck. They often occur at intersections and can cause significant injuries, particularly to crash-side occupants.

Rollover Accidents

A rollover involves a vehicle flipping over onto its side or roof. This type of wreck can be triggered by a variety of factors, including sharp turns, high speeds, and collisions. Rollovers can be particularly dangerous due to the potential for multiple impacts and ejections.

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