Verdicts And Settlements

$750,000 — Premises liability settlement involving a dangerous culvert that resulted in a trip and fall. The client suffered from a fractured cervical vertebrae and herniated lumbar disc.

$700,000 — Settlement-Car wreck where our client suffered fractures to his tibia and fibula requiring knee and ankle surgery.

$500,000 — Settlement in wrongful death medical malpractice case.

$460,000 — Verdict resulting from an insurance company’s failure to pay an insured after a fire at the insured’s hotel.

$408,334 — Verdict-Eminent Domain case where the MDOT took a half acre of land along Hwy 57 from our client.

$350,000 — Settlement in a car accident case where the client suffered multiple herniated discs in their thoracic and lumbar spine after a multi-vehicle high-speed collision on the interstate.

$345,000 — Settlement for client who was driving a school bus and was hit by a dump truck that ran a red light. The collision resulted in a knee injury necessitating an ACL reconstruction and a neck injury.

$345,000 — Commercial vehicle wrecked into our client in East Ocean Springs. Our client suffered a bulging cervical disc that required radio frequency ablations.

$300,000 — Medical malpractice settlement-Failure to inform a patient that he had prostate cancer that later developed into stage 4 cancer.

$300,000 — Settlement in an 18-wheeler case with minimal property damage. We were able to prove that the driver hit and ran and then lied about it.

$260,000 — Settlement-Single vehicle motor vehicle collision where our client was a guest passenger and suffered injuries requiring an ankle fusion.

$250,000 — Settlement in a car wreck that resulted in herniated lumbar discs and the need for lumbar fusion surgery.

$230,000 — Medical Malpractice recovery. Our client was left with a foot drop after a surgeon incorrectly placed pedicle screws in his spinal nerve roots during a spinal fusion surgery.

$200,000 — Wrongful death medical malpractice settlement in a case that had a $500,000 recovery cap. Failure to diagnose a clot in the brain.

$180,000 — Premises liability settlement. Our client suffered transverse process fractures and a SI joint injury after she fell down stairs that were not built to the local building code and that failed coefficient of friction testing requirements.

$175,000 and a $50,000 — Recovery in the same case for an 18 wheeler driver who was hit by another 18 wheeler. We recovered $50,000 from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier then went on to recover $175,000 in the third party case against the at fault 18 wheeler driver.

$175,000 — Settlement-Medical malpractice claim against the VA under the FTCA. This claim involved the lost chance doctrine and failure to perform a necessary surgery that would have saved a foot from being amputated.

$165,000 — Settlement in a worker’s compensation case where the client suffered a large loss of wage earning capacity due to a neck injury.

$145,000 — Settlement-Negligent supervision/premises liability claim.

$145,000 — Settlement in an 18-wheeler case which exacerbated the client’s preexisting lumbar issues.

$100,000 — Settlement-Minor injured in car accident that suffered facial scarring.