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If you or a loved one was involved in a large truck accident in Gulfport and suffered serious injuries, contact the truck accident attorneys at Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC through our online form or call us at (228) 872-8752. Our Gulfport truck accident lawyers will fight for your legal rights to receive compensation for your medical expenses, property loss, and other damages while ensuring any responsible parties are held liable for their actions.

Why Choose Our Gulfport Truck Accident Lawyers?

At Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC, our truck accident attorneys are:

  • Knowledgeable in all areas of state and federal trucking law;
  • Forthright and honest; and
  • Experienced negotiators and litigators.

Please do not attempt to face a trucking company and their insurers on your own.  They are resourceful and cunning adversaries. You deserve strong, aggressive legal representation on your side.

At Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC, we offer free case consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we get paid after we secure compensation on your behalf.  Act quickly, as there are time limits to file a truck accident claim in Mississippi.

Our Gulfport Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

Truck accidents are one of the most complicated personal injury accidents.  An experienced truck accident lawyer servicing the Gulfport area does much more than negotiate an acceptable settlement with the opposing insurance company(s) and file insurance company paperwork.

Your truck accident attorney from Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC will do the following, and more, to ensure you get the compensation and satisfaction you are entitled to after your truck accident:

  • Gather relevant evidence;
  • Handle all insurance company and creditor correspondence;
  • Review your medical records;
  • Interview witnesses;
  • Hire needed experts;
  • Identify liable parties;
  • Pursue all methods of compensation;
  • Negotiate with the insurance company;
  • Settle your claim; or
  • File your civil lawsuit; and
  • Proceed to court and trial.

Most truck accident claims settle outside of court.  However, the Gulfport truck accident attorneys at Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC, are experienced negotiators and litigators and will advise you of the best option for your circumstances.

Place your confidence in a legal team that cares about you.  Contact the Gulfport personal injury lawyers at Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC, to set up your confidential appointment now.

What Types of Compensation is Available for Truck Accidents?

It is impossible to estimate a compensation amount for a truck accident without a thorough review of the facts of your case.  Compensation depends upon the type and severity of your injuries, the prognosis for recovery, the parties liable for your accident, and the insurance companies involved, and the policy limits.

However, at Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC, we understand the causes and ramifications of large truck accidents.  With over two decades of experience, we can help you get the compensation you need for the following, and more:

  • Medical bills;
  • Corrective surgeries;
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of earning potential;
  • Physical and occupational therapy;
  • Property damage;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Mental and emotional trauma.

Types of Large Truck Accidents in Gulfport

Regardless of a truck accident’s cause, all truck accidents can be deadly and are dangerous to those in the crash and the surrounding area.

The following are typically occurring truck accidents:

  • Jackknife accidents.  A jackknife accident happens when a tractor trailer’s cab and trailer come together to form a “V” shape, nearly bending the truck in half;
  • Rear-end accidents.  Commercial trucks are prone to rear-end other vehicles as they are heavy and difficult to stop;
  • Underride accidents.  An underride accident occurs when a vehicle driving behind a commercial truck runs into the back of the truck and slides underneath the truck;
  • Rollover accidents.  A rollover accident is when a truck rolls over onto its side and often slides a considerable distance; and
  • Blindspot accident.  Commercial trucks have a blind spot at the rear and sides of the truck, making other vehicles challenging to see, and trucks can collide into these vehicles.

No two truck accidents are alike, and no truck accident is the same as a car accident.  You need an experienced truck accident attorney to help determine the cause of your accident, all liable parties for your accident, and any possible sources of compensation to aid in your recovery.

Causes of Large Truck Accidents in Gulfport

Truck accidents are due to several reasons, only one of which is truck driver error.  When truck drivers are at fault for accidents, the number one reason is distracted driving.  Distracted driving is any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the activity of driving a vehicle.

Distracted driving includes, but is not limited to:

  • Eating;
  • Reading;
  • Talking on the phone; and
  • Using GPS.

Other common causes of truck driver accidents are the following:

  • Fatigue;
  • Impaired driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Improper cargo loading;
  • Lack of training and experience; and
  • Failure to obey traffic rules and regulations.

Non-truck driver errors also cause devastating truck accidents.  Fault for these accidents can fall on truck driving companies, truck manufacturers, and makers of defective truck parts.

Trucking companies may be responsible for a truck accident if they:

  • Fail to train their drivers;
  • Impose unrealistic schedules on drivers;
  • Encourage drivers to violate hours of service regulations;
  • Fail to inspect or maintain their trucks; and
  • Fail to research new drivers thoroughly.

Truck manufacturers and makers of defective truck parts that fail while on the road and cause accidents, may be held liable for the damages and losses that result.  Some of the most common defective truck parts and systems are as follows:

  • Tires;
  • Power trains;
  • Suspensions;
  • Steering systems; and
  • Braking systems.

Types of Large Trucks in Gulfport

When people think of large trucks, a semi-truck or tractor-trailer often comes to mind.  However, there are large commercial trucks of all shapes and sizes, each requiring a special commercial driver’s license.

Examples of large trucks in Gulfport include:

  • Dump trucks and garbage trucks;
  • Flatbed trucks;
  • Tanker trucks;
  • Box trucks;
  • Cement trucks;
  • Delivery trucks; and
  • Tow trucks.

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