What happens when your personal injury case is hotly disputed by the insurance company and you hit a brick wall in negotiations? It is time to file a lawsuit because no one is willing to back off or give an inch. Next thing you know you are sitting in a conference room at a law firm with a skilled insurance defense lawyer grilling you under oath. This process of answering questions under oath prior to trial is known as a deposition. If you are one of our clients you aren’t worried about it because the attorneys at Haug & Farrar take deposition preparation and personal injury litigation seriously. We meet with our clients on a date prior to the deposition and go over every angle of the case and every possible question the insurance lawyer is going to ask you. We know their tricks, we’ve seen it a hundred times before, so we save you and your case the unfortunate experience of being blasted by the guy across the table. Not every case can be settled without filing a lawsuit. Make sure that when you pick your car wreck lawyer or personal injury lawyer in Gulfport, Mississippi that you choose one that can navigate the many pitfalls of litigation, including depositions.

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