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How to Apply for Social Security Disability (SSI/SSDI)

We recommend that you apply for Social Security Disability(SSD) and/or Supplemental Security Income(SSI) immediately after becoming disabled. The Social Security AdministrationSSA) has three traditional ways to apply

  1. Apply online at the Social Security Administration website.
  2. Apply by calling the SSA National phone number (800) 772-1213.
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How much is my car accident case worth?

Video Transcript: This is Jonathan Franco at Haug, Farrar & Franco, and today I wanted to talk about: you’ve been in a car accident and you’re wondering what your case is worth. There’s various factors that go into this and I’m going to give a brief synopsis of those.

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How does the Court generally determine child custody in Mississippi?

In representing clients in family and domestic cases involving minor children, we are often asked the following question: how will a court determine which parent will have custody of our children?

The ultimate answer to this question is often very complicated, and requires the consideration of two separate but related concepts of custody: legal custody and physical custody.

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How do I get lost wages after a car accident?

Video Transcript:This is Jonathan Franco and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about wage loss claims within car accidents and other personal injury cases. A lot of people when they’ve had some sort of injury and they’re being held out of work are wondering whether or not they have a wage loss claim or how to best put forth the wage loss claim.

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Family Members And Uninsured Motorist Claims

Recently we successfully settled a case where the uninsured motorist carrier originally denied an uninsured motorist claim relating to a car wreck. The facts of the case were that an 18 year old was driving his mother’s vehicle and was hit by a driver that then ran from the scene.

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