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Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC Announces New Gulfport Office

Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Gulfport, Mississippi.

The attorneys at Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC have represented thousands of clients from Gulfport and the surrounding areas over the years in matters involving personal injury, workers’ compensation, and criminal defense.

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How Medical Bills Are Paid After a Car Accident in Mississippi?

A medical billing statement clipboard with a patient's name field visible, stethoscope, and calculator, symbolizing the process of paying medical bills after a car accident in Mississippi.One of the most stressful aspects of being seriously injured in a Mississippi car accident is figuring out how to pay the medical bills. Serious injuries can require extensive medical treatment and a lengthy recovery. A car accident victim can face high medical expenses and have no income to pay the mounting bills.

On Behalf of Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC I Car Accident

What’s The Impact of a Car Accident on a Driver’s Record in Mississippi?

If you have a Mississippi driver’s license, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) keeps track of your driving history on your Mississippi driving record. Your driving record will include traffic tickets and accidents. Not all car accidents will automatically land a mark on your driving record in Mississippi.

On Behalf of Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC I Personal Injury

The Costs of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit is a legal dispute that arises when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury due to a defendant’s negligent or intentional conduct. A successful personal injury case can lead to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and pain and suffering, among other related costs.

On Behalf of Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC I Slip & Falls

Factors That Affect Slip and Fall Settlements

When you’re involved in a slip and fall accident, understanding the potential compensation for your injuries can seem like a confusing process. Our Gulfport slip and fall lawyers can assist you during this time. Several factors play key roles in determining settlement outcomes, and knowing what they are can give you some clarity as you navigate this process.

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