Gulfport Uber and Lyft Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Did you suffer injuries in a traffic accident caused by an Uber or Lyft driver? If so, you shouldn’t bear the financial consequences of your injuries, such as expensive medical bills and lost wages due to missed work. You deserve to seek compensation for your losses. However, rideshare companies and insurers can make securing financial compensation challenging. That’s why you need the help of a Gulfport Uber/Lyft accident lawyer from Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC.

Our lawyers can stand up to corporations on your behalf and fight for the financial relief and accountability you need. With years of experience representing the rights and interests of accident victims in Gulfport and throughout Mississippi, our attorneys have dedicated their careers to serving individuals and families facing complex legal challenges.

We understand the anxiety and stress of filing negligence claims against a rideshare driver or company. Our team of seasoned litigators and staff work diligently to prepare every case for court. That’s because even though most accident injury claims are settled, building a trial-ready case enables us to advocate for every client aggressively.

If you’ve been in an accident while riding in a rideshare vehicle, or if a rideshare driver hit your car, you may have the right to pursue compensation for Uber/Lyft accident victims. Our firm can help. Call (228) 872-8752 for a free initial case review. You’ll be able to discuss your legal options for obtaining financial recovery with an Uber accident attorney.

How Can a Gulfport Uber and Lyft Rideshare Accident Attorney Help Me?

If you’ve suffered harm because of an Uber or Lyft accident in Gulfport, you deserve to devote your time and energy to fully recovering and putting your life back on track. However, pursuing the financial resources you need for your recovery can become complex, especially when the rideshare and insurance companies fight hard to deny you the compensation you deserve. 

A Gulfport Uber and Lyft accident attorney from Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC, can help you seek the financial relief and accountability you deserve from a rideshare accident by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the underlying facts and circumstances of the accident to secure evidence to build your case, including police accident reports, surveillance and traffic camera footage, dashcam footage, cell phone or GPS logs, and eyewitness testimony
  • Identifying the parties at fault or liable for your injuries and losses and evaluating your options for financial recovery, including whether you may have the right to seek compensation from the rideshare company’s insurance coverage
  • Documenting your injuries and losses to gather the proof needed to argue for maximum financial recovery for you
  • Preparing and filing your insurance claims and aggressively pursuing a fair and full settlement for you by vigorously negotiating with insurance adjusters
  • Preparing your case to go to court and filing a lawsuit when litigation becomes necessary to stand up for your rights, advocating on your behalf at trial

How Long Do I Have to File an Uber or Lyft Accident Lawsuit in Mississippi?

Under Mississippi’s statute of limitations on car accident claims, plaintiffs typically have three years to file a lawsuit against the driver(s) at fault for the motor vehicle crash. However, you should contact Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC, as soon as possible after a crash to start preparing your case to file it before the statutory deadline. If you file your lawsuit too late, you risk losing the opportunity to recover compensation for your injuries and losses in civil court. 

A lawyer with experience in Uber and Lyft accident settlements can review your case and ensure you meet all the necessary filing deadlines. 

What Should I Do If I Get Hurt in an Uber or Lyft Accident in Gulfport?

When you’ve gotten into an accident involving a Lyft or Uber vehicle in Gulfport, you should take specific steps to protect your legal rights and options for recovering compensation. Things you can do after a rideshare accident to help pursue your personal injury claims for Uber/Lyft accidents include the following: 

  • Report the accident to the rideshare company, which you can do through your trip page (as a passenger) or on the rideshare company’s customer service website.
  • Report the crash to your car insurance provider if you have a policy.
  • Follow your healthcare provider’s treatment plan, recovery instructions, and medical restrictions for your injuries.
  • Obtain copies of your medical records of your treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Request a copy of the police crash report.
  • Gather copies of records of your expenses, including any bills, invoices, or receipts for vehicle repairs or medical care.
  • Find copies of your pay stubs or income statements to calculate lost wages from missed work or reduced earning capacity.

Finally, contact a rideshare accident lawyer from Haug, Farrar & Franco, PLLC, as soon as possible to discuss your options and get help pursuing financial recovery for your injuries and losses.

How Much Compensation Could Be Available for an Uber or Lyft Accident?

After suffering injuries or property damage in rideshare accidents, whether as a driver or passenger, a Gulfport injury lawyer can help you recover compensation for losses from the crash. You could seek money for: 

  • Costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation, including hospital care, surgeries, prescriptions, doctor’s appointments, orthopedic equipment, or physical and occupational therapy
  • Costs of care or support for disabilities caused by your accident injuries, such as home health care, housekeeping assistance, or installation of disability accommodations
  • Loss of wages or income if you miss time from work or earn less than you did before the accident due to medical restrictions, putting you on part-time or light-duty work
  • Loss of future earnings and employment benefits if you become permanently disabled from work
  • Physical pain and anguish from injuries or subsequent medical treatment
  • Emotional trauma or distress from the crash, your injuries, or resulting disabilities
  • Vehicle repair expenses or reimbursement for the value of your car if totaled in a collision with a rideshare vehicle

Who Could Be Liable for a Gulfport Uber and Lyft Rideshare Accident Lawyer?

Depending on the circumstances of a rideshare accident in Gulfport, Mississippi, various parties may bear liability for the injuries and losses you suffered due to the accident. Typically, when an Uber or Lyft driver causes a crash, an injured party can hold the driver liable for the harm they’ve suffered. However, the rideshare company may not be liable. Uber and Lyft classify their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, meaning the rideshare company does not bear vicarious liability for the driver’s negligence.

However, Mississippi regulations require rideshare drivers or a rideshare network to maintain insurance coverage with policy limits that meet minimum requirements under the regulations. This insurance must provide coverage when the driver has logged into the rideshare company’s network. Minimum coverage requirements depend on the driver’s status at the time of the crash:

  • The Driver Has Logged into the Rideshare Network but Has Not Yet Accepted a Ride Request – $50,000 per person, $100,000 per accident of bodily injury/death liability coverage, and $25,000 per accident of property damage liability coverage.
  • The Driver Has Accepted a Ride Request or Has a Rideshare Passenger in the Vehicle – $1 million in combined bodily injury, death, liability, and uninsured motorist coverage.

If a rideshare driver has not logged into the rideshare network at the time of an accident, the driver’s auto insurance policy will apply for any accident claims.

If your Uber or Lyft gets hit by another driver, you may have a compensation claim against that driver. In any case, you should contact an attorney who provides legal services for Uber/Lyft crashes. A lawyer can review your case and determine who is liable for your injuries and what claims you must file.

What Are Common Causes of Uber and Lyft Accidents in Gulfport?

Uber and Lyft drivers usually do not have any special training or experience beyond that of the average motorist. However, rideshare drivers have many more demands behind the wheel due to their job duties. These include managing ride requests, navigating via GPS directions, and finishing rides as quickly as possible to maximize income. As a result, Uber and Lyft accidents in Gulfport have many potential causes, including the following:

  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions to complete passenger trips more quickly and to generate more income
  • Tailgating and following too closely
  • Distracted driving, mainly due to using a cell phone or interacting with passengers
  • Drowsy or fatigued driving, because rideshare drivers work long hours and drive during late night and early morning hours
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Turning or changing lanes without using turn signals or mirrors
  • Unfamiliarity with local roads or traffic patterns
  • Double-parking or stopping on the road
  • Illegal turns or lane changes
  • Inadequate vehicle maintenance
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Contact an Experienced Gulfport Uber and Lyft Rideshare Accident Lawyer

After a motor vehicle accident involving a rideshare vehicle, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of the next steps. Get the experienced legal representation you need after an Uber or Lyft accident to stand up for your rights and interests. 

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