Often times workers who are injured on the job hesitate or do not file a workers comp claim because they are worried that they will be fired or retaliated against by their employer. First, it is completely free and confidential to call our firm about a workers comp injury. Your employer is not going to find out that you called us. Therefore, there is no way you can be fired for just talking with us about your claim. We will likely give you legal advice on your claim even if we can’t take your case. If it is a claim where we think we can help you then we will lay out of plan for pursuing the case and give you legal advice on the workers compensation system.

Next, we’ve found that employers are hesitant to fire workers that are represented by attorneys. Employers know that Haug, Farrar & Franco knows the law. If an employer’s termination of a worker violates that workers’ constitutional rights, then the employer could face an Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) lawsuit. Therefore, we find that generally, an employer is less likely to fire a worker that is represented by a lawyer. Just last week we filed a federal lawsuit against an employer for firing a worker in violation of that workers’ constitutional rights. This lawsuit was covered by local and regional media outlets. Therefore, employers will think twice before they fire you when they know we represent you.

Finally, you have to ask yourself the question: Do I want to work for an employer who is going to fire me because I was hurt on the job and filed a workers comp claim to get the benefits I am entitled to by law? We understand that jobs are not easy to come by and that you have to be able to put food on the table for your family. However, if an employer is going to fire you for starting a completely justified workers comp claim, then perhaps that employer does not deserve you.