Video Transcription:

A lot of people when they’ve been injured in a car accident are wondering what are they going to do about medical treatment. They are wondering what all that’s going to involve and what different steps there is. How I explained it to people is that there are typically two different types of the injuries, and that’s that’s painting it with a broad stroke. But you’ve got people that are having soft tissue injuries and then you have people that have more significant injuries than that. And that’s not to downplay a soft tissue injury. Some soft tissue injuries are serious injuries. So what’s the difference between the two? Typically a soft tissue injury does not involve a fracture. And people classify this differently but I consider a herniated disc in your spine to be more than a soft tissue injury. A soft tissue injury is typically going to be completely negative on MRI. So for your typical car wreck you’re going to have people that are going to treat for

a certain amount of months. Typically less than six months and be released by their doctor. That kind of treatment is going to first involve going to a ER after the collision. A lot of people want to know how long do I need to wait to go get medical treatment. The answer to that question is if you’re actually seriously injured and you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident or car wreck you need to go get medical treatment immediately. If you don’t think you’re hurt and you don’t have any pain whatsoever then I don’t necessarily think you need to go to the doctor. I don’t advocate people running up medical bills just to try to get a settlement. But another question people have is, “Well I waited several months after the car accident. Can I still go get medical treatment and pursue a case?” Typically the answer is no. Juries don’t buy the idea of somebody that was in

a car accident and then waited months to get medical treatment. So that’s the answer to that question. I’ve represented people that run the gamut from the person that’s had just a soft tissue they were banged up a little bit had some bruising and they were released within two or three months and that’s fine. And I’ve represented people that broke their neck, broke their back, had immediate surgery , had to get their whole life changed, had to get their house outfitted with custom walk-in bathrooms and showers, 24/7 care. So if you have a question such as, “I’ve been in an accident and I’m wondering what all kind of medical treatment I’m going to have?” Give us a call and we’d be happy to walk you through it and tell you exactly what you can expect.