Video Transcript: This is Jonathan Franco at Haug, Farrar & Franco and I wanted to talk about peer review within workers compensation. You often have clients that are ordered by a doctor to get a certain type of medical treatment for example a surgery or an injection to a certain part of their body to relieve pain. And you’ll see the other side of a case, the insurance carrier or their lawyer, order a peer review study by another doctor. And this is just them going to a group of doctors that they’re familiar with and that they’ve paid to do this to basically say that you don’t need whatever it is that’s been ordered by your doctor. Your remedy for that is to have your lawyer file a motion to compel that treatment within the claim for your workers compensation benefits. So if you’re having trouble getting some medical treatment in your workers compensation case and you’re up against these peer review studies give us a call and would be happy to help you work through it. Thank you.