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Workers’ Compensation: Valuing Your Shoulder Injury Claim

Many workers in Mississippi suffer shoulder injuries in the course and scope of their employment. Typical shoulder injuries include rotator cuff damage and bursitis of the shoulder. Rotary cuff repair surgery is a common surgery in workers’ compensation cases. Our Mississippi personal injury lawyers are often asked to help workers’ compensation claimants that have shoulder injuries.

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How does a divorce affect a personal injury settlement?

Client Question: “My husband was injured in a car wreck in Biloxi, and he is going to receive money for his injuries…He and I are getting a divorce… Is that award  for compensation for personal injury going to be divided up to help me and our kids as part of our divorce?”

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We would like to say thanks and good luck to Dr. Judy Dalgo’s Ocean Springs High School class as they prepare for a mock trial assignment

Todd and Stopher each had the honor of speaking with one of Dr. Dalgo’s health science classes as they prepare for a medical malpractice mock trial assignment. The attorneys at Haug & Farrar relish the opportunity to give back to the Ocean Springs community.

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Can I get pain and suffering for injuries in a workers comp case?

Video Transcript:This is Jonathan Franco and I’m going to talk a little bit about what damages you have available to you in a workers comp case. A lot of folks want to make a claim for pain and suffering within a Mississippi workers comp case.

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Auto Accident in Waveland, Hancock County, MS

We are filing another lawsuit in car wreck case today. Defendant took a left turn in a right turn only lane while using their cell phone. Our client was severely injured and the auto insurance company for Defendant won’t adequately compensate our client for his damages.

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