Video Transcript: This is Jonathan Franco at Haug, Farrar & Franco, and today I wanted to talk about: you’ve been in a car accident and you’re wondering what your case is worth. There’s various factors that go into this and I’m going to give a brief synopsis of those. The first factor is going to be liability. Is it admitted that the wreck was caused by the other party or is there a dispute as to that? The second is going to be the nature and extent of your injuries. Do you have soft tissue injuries or was there a fracture involved? The third is going to be the length of the treatment. Were you released by your doctor after two months or did you continue to treat for over a year with treatment that was considered by most people to be reasonable and necessary? The fourth is going to be the type of treatment. Did you have a little chiropractic treatment and then you were released or did you have to go to a neurosurgeon to be evaluated for surgery? The fifth would be property damage. Was it a fender bender with just a scratch to the bumper or was the vehicle totaled? The sixth: amount of medical bills. Medical bills are a damage that is able to be obtained in a trial for personal injury case. Seventh is the amount of coverage. Did the other party have state minimum limits or are there hundreds of thousands of dollars of coverage at issue. Obviously the amount of coverage is always going to be really what the case is worth. So those are just some of the driving factors of the value of a case and I hope that was helpful.